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 10 Business Tech News Stories You Need to Know This Week


In the world of business tech, things change quickly — and if you’re not paying attention, you could be missing some of the most important technology stories that affect your business. Each week, I comb through the news to find 10 of the most important business tech stories from around the web that you should know about and understand, but which may have gotten lost in all the other noise in your feeds this week. Here are 10 business tech news stories you need to know about this week — and why they matter to your business.

Business technology news can help you keep tabs on the industry that has such an important impact on your livelihood, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in business tech. This week, the headlines are buzzing about Apple’s WWDC 2018 announcements, a new Internet censorship tool used by the Chinese government, and how companies can use artificial intelligence (AI) to help make better hiring decisions. Here are 10 business tech news stories you need to know this week.

1) Google Will Publish Wonky Results In Search

Search results are typically reliable, but now the search engine has announced it will publish a wider range of results. The company is tweaking its algorithm to factor in the number of errors or wonky listings that show up on the first page. Previously, Google published these off-site links in a less prominent position and buried them under additional links. Now it wants searchers to see more relevant results that may not have appeared as prominently before.


2) Advertising will become more precise

Advertising is changing at a rapid pace. AI, mobile and social media have converged with other technologies like programmatic buying, search retargeting, and so on to create an advertising platform that is more powerful than ever before. Businesses need to start preparing for the inevitable shift toward new media platforms now by upskilling themselves in the basics of business technology and learning how it can be implemented into their advertising campaign.

3) Microsoft Cloud Gets Price Cut

The success of Microsoft’s public cloud solution has seen the company slash prices by up to 30% to reach more business customers. The company, which began offering its Azure Cloud service in 2010, boasts a near monopoly in the market for IaaS and PaaS (Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service).


4) Artificial Intelligence startup raises $25 million

ZestFinance, an AI-powered startup that provides credit ratings on nontraditional borrowers, has raised $25 million in a funding round led by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Standard Chartered PLC. 

The funds will go towards ZestFinance's expansion from its U.S. footprint into new markets and opening up lending opportunities for small businesses, family-owned businesses, and farmers who typically get shut out of the credit system due to a lack of documentation or thin existing credit histories.


5) Amazon Builds Online Teacher Network

Amazon is building a network of online teachers in a project called Amazon Inspire, to make it easier for K-12 teachers to find resources. The company is working with six textbook publishers, plus Upwork and Skillshare, and plans on rolling out two or three new subjects each month.

6) Lenovo Smart Display Is Coming

The Lenovo Smart Display features a ten-inch screen, 10W speaker, and eight far-field microphones for always-on listening. It also comes with a built-in camera for video calls. The Lenovo Smart Display is coming this summer and will retail for $199.

7) Amazon Wants To Sell You Something Every Day

Many people are on the lookout for new tech to improve their business operations. Amazon knows this and is happy to oblige, recently announcing a plan that would allow customers with Prime memberships in select regions (Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Portland) unlimited same-day deliveries. And if you need the help of a business technology analyst? The company is staffing up.

To get your eCommerce site off the ground?


8) Cybersecurity on the Rise in the Asia Pacific

A recent report from Symantec shows that 43% of IT decision-makers across the Asia Pacific region are feeling insecure in their job and suffer from burnout. In this week's edition of Business Technology news, you'll also find out how a business technology degree can help you get more opportunities, read about how businesses are using technology to streamline data analysis processes, and why Apple plans on expanding its business technology.


9) Facebook COO Moves Into New Role as Strategy Chief

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has announced that she is moving into a new role. As head of Facebook's Global Sales Strategy and Operations, the business will now report directly to her.

10) Happy Birthday Bill Gates

Bill Gates is celebrating his 64th birthday on Saturday, October 28. Gates and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen were college roommates in the early 1970s at Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington. At age 20, Gates and Allen would drop out of school to start the company that became known as Microsoft. Thanks for all your contributions!

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